hidden exhibitions

Hidden exhibitions, like hidden treasure are tucked away...  They can currently be found in our Meeting Rooms, Admin Suite, Cellar Stairs, Snug (tucked away in the Upper Bar), Second Floor Lift Lobby and truly hidden.


They are hidden simply because you need a guide, as we can't have everywhere open to the public.  If you'd like to take a look, please ask in advance at Box Office who will try to arrange something for you, probably with one of our Resident Artists.


To find out more about exhibitions at the LBT or to submit a proposal to exhibit your work, please click here to email Murray Forrest (Exhibitions Co-ordinator).



Ali WhiteAli White


Two amazing "portraits" of the theatre, from the front, and all the glories, nooks and crannies from inside.  Created from thousands of digital images, and like all good portraits, not quite what it seems.


Ryan FitzpatrickRyan Fitzpatrick


Temptingly mouth watering and evocative images of fruit.  Unsuprisingly he's also a chef!


Yvonne RobertsYvonne Roberts


Two separate exhibitions "Choreographed Colours" and "Support Act", both of which capture new perspectives on the LBT.


Barbara Hellowell

Barbara Hellowell


Exploring the intricacies of the vascular system in wire, we have a heart and a figure.  The most complex and beautiful piece of the series is on display at Manchester Royal Infirmary.


Vivien WhitakerVivien Whitaker

SNUG in the Upper Bar ~ 

English alabaster once famed throughout Europe,is no longer mined. Vivien using some of the very last pieces, creates work that captures the alabaster's fascinating translucent qualities.


Anna Connor

Anna Connor


Capturing the joyful quirkiness of what might (when no-one's looking) be found behind the scenes at the LBT.


Andrew Warburton

Andrew Warburton


Sumptuously carved, hand tufted maze of a rug, big and beautiful (and embarrassingly not on display)