Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne Roberts


Yvonne says...


“My residency at the LBT has inspired me to create photographic images that make the ordinary appear extraordinary, that celebrate the beauty within simplicity and that provide a fresh view.”


Since starting my residency at the LBT my passion for photography and the digital image has grown tremendously. I draw inspiration from everything around me and challenge myself to find the image within the space I am in…wherever that may be. Being present in the Theatre has given me great inspiration and has prompted me to explore the Theatre through the digital image, looking at the building itself, through structure, texture, shape, pattern, lighting, perspective and heritage, along with the interactions that occur day to day amongst staff, visitors and the general public – exploring atmosphere and personalities.

I produce work using professional photographic equipment and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. I am fascinated by the capabilities of new technologies and during my residency I have explored a range of iPhoneography techniques which have enabled me to develop a library of intriguing images captured and processed entirely on the iPhone.



Web: www.yvonneroberts.co.uk                http://instacanv.as/yvonneroberts




I am also involved in the following:

http://www.bigvoicemedia.blogspot.co.uk/           http://www.kirkleesarts4all.blogspot.co.uk/                  http://www.154collective.co.uk/





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