Kirklees Passport

Kirklees Passport


The Kirklees Passport is a council-run discount scheme which incorporates discounts to the Lawrence Batley Theatre amongst other services, attractions and activities.


With a Kirklees Passport, you are entitled to £3 off selected shows at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.


 Who is eligible?

The Kirklees Passport is available to residents of Kirklees who receive benefits (including Working Tax Credit), are disabled or are full-time students.


There are 2 types of passports available – Priority and Access. For more information on both, please visit


How to apply:

Please download the application form by clicking here.


A Priority Passport costs £2 for an adult and £1 for a child, An Access Passport costs £3 for an adult and £1.50 for a child


What does a Kirklees Passport do?

For more information on what discounts a Kirklees Passport offers, please download this guide.