Artists in Batley 2017


Batley Festival

Saturday, 9 September 2017 - 11:00am - 5:00pm
Market Square, centre of Batley, WF17 5DA


We're very excited to include a wonderful diversity of LBT's Free Range artists "doing what they do"as part of one of Kirklees’s vibrant art events.  Batley Festival is happening at the very heart of the town - in Market Square.  To find out more click here 


Our Free Range artists will be "doing what they do" throughout the day, with some offering the opprtunity to get involved with fun, fascinating collaborative projects or experiences, and all are happy for you to watch and ask questions.  All the artists are closely connected with the LBT, having exhibited with us, be or been an Artist in Residence or are one of our Artcard Artists.  


A tiny image to tempt you, a snippet to whet your appetite and to find out more just click on their names to visit their online profile. 



Temptation Artist Description Artform
 Barbara Hellowell Barbara Hellowell   Intricate 3D drawings in wire Wire sculpture
 Diane Barker Diane Barker   Images to make the world a little bit brighter  Painting & Illustration
 Freyja Boycott-Garnett Freyja Boycott-Garnett   Illustrative, naïve, storytelling Dioramas & Printing
 Gareth Savage Gareth Savage   Journey through the phantasmagorical unknown Painting & Digital
 Gustavo Mainetti Gustavo Mainetti   Inspired by the knowledge we share Multimedia
 Judy Tadman Judy Tadman   Rope sculpture and 3D textiles Textiles 
 Julija Cukerman Julija Cukerman   Magical, dreamlike explorations Illustration & Jewellery
 Lazaros Kalogirou Lazaros Kalogirou   Imagining & exploring  strange new universes Illustration

 Murray Forrest

Murray Forrest   Creative challenge Glass, textiles...
 Pippa Dyrlaga Pippa Dyrlaga   Papercutting maestro Paper
 Shabana Begum Shabana Begum   Intricate detail to keep or as body art (mehndi) Illustration
 Terence Lambert Terence Lambert   Illustrative to fine art images combined with digital Painting & Digital  
 Tom Shepherd aka Number Zwei Tom Shepherd aka Zwei  It's things I like to draw that are graffiti influenced.  Graffiti
 Waheeda Kothdiwala Waheeda Kothdiwala   Capturing the moment   Drawing, illustration & garden design 







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Artist Artform Description
Andy Oversby Illustration Steampunk/ gothic inspired illustrations
Barbara Hellowell Wire sculpture Intricate 3D drawings in wire
Diane Barker Painting & Illustration Images to make the world a little bit brighter 
Freyja Boycott-Garnett Dioramas & Printing Illustrative, naïve, storytelling
Gareth Savage Painting & Digital Journey through the phantasmagorical unknown
Janet Clark Tapestry Weaving Slow art,  soothing and very expressive.
Judy Tadman Textiles  Rope sculpture and 3D textiles
Juko Designs Textiles Introducing you to the pleasures of weaving
Julija Cukerman Illustration & Jewellery Magical, dreamlike explorations
Kay Dawson Collage & Painting Mementos of magical moments
Kim Searle Collage & Upcycling Reinterpreting the world through found objects
Lazaros Kalogirou Illustration Imagining & exploring  strange new universes
Margaret Sowerby Painting & Illustration Animal portraits to textural paint explorations
Mark Milnes Geometric Art Interrelation of shapes, volumes, space and light
Matthew Evans Painting Seascape and landscape artist
Richard Yeomans Graffiti & Stencils Inspired by street art styles and processes
Terence Lambert Painting & Digital Illustrative to fine art images combined with digital
Vasiliki Skepetari Textiles & Jewellery Designer & maker of knotted bespoke jewellery