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Our LBT Art Card Gallery currently hosts;

Richard Yeomans - artcards

Richard Yeomans


Bert has no mouth and communicates using signs. He loves to dress up and share his thoughts.

Small framed artworks
£6 each

Paul Dene Marlor - artcards

Paul Dene Marlor


I am a local artist painting mainly local scenes in watercolour.

Art cards
£2 each

Shirley Waddington - artcards

Shirley Waddington


I had the cards printed as part of a fundraising event for EDS Support UK - they are copies of ink drawings I did for two calendars. The animals are pastel paintings just for fun!

Art Cards
£1 each
Chris Leaper at Jesmond Cat Designs - artcards

Chris Leaper at Jesmond Cat Designs


Playful, whimsical, colourful images from the hardest but fairest pussycat in the North!

Art Cards
£2 each

Rob Greenwood - artcards

Rob Greenwood


People like to send cards to each other and cards are a friendly and affordable way of sharing and distributing artwork. I produce a number of cards and prints from my paintings and more examples can be seen on my website. I have a degree in Art and Design and have lived in Huddersfield for the last 18 years.

Art Cards
£1.50 each

Matthew Evans - artcards

Matthew Evans


Inspired by my own paintings I love the way that a reasonably priced card allows wider access to my work.

Art Cards
£2 each
 Diane Barker - artcards  Diane Barker


I love painting, drawing and designing.  I've always wanted to make the world a little bit brighter by creating images that affect and influence people and that tell a story. When painting I create my artwork mainly in gouache but I also love to use inks, water-colour, pencil and pencil crayon.

 Art Cards
£2.50 each



To find out more about an artist, click on their name or image to visit their website.  


The chance to actually buy the cards is available at both Box Office and Queenie's, so you will need to pop in.

We take very small quantities of cards, so something you see may be gone the next time you look!





If you, or someone you know is tempted to explore selling the cards you create at the LBT, then click to fill in this form and we'll be in touch.  (You only need a photo of one card to let us make a decision)

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