AiR 2017


Artists in Residence 2017 exhibition

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 (All day) - Saturday, 3 June 2017 (All day)
Whole Venue: Open Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm
Exhibitions are also open to view on evenings when the venue opens for performances. Sunday opening times are from 1 hour before the performance starts.


Behind the large arched window is the home of our visual artists in residence (AiR).  Between them they encompass a whole array of approaches and art forms from mindful drawing to explosions of colour, mechanical outcomes, digital transformations and delicate wire structures... and THIS is the exhibition that allows us to see what they've been doing!!  


We're also showcasing a creative compendium of student's visual arts from our ongoing relationship with Royds Hall Community School and Honley High School as part of LBT Creative Learning Partnerships.


In alphabetical order:


Barbara Hellowell

I work with wire. Starting with a line from the spool and hand forming the material, which may become a flexible wire mesh or a drawing in space, encapsulating a 3D sculpture.
My work focuses on my perception of the natural world. The concept of space and how it is shared, not just by humans. An examination of existence and identity. Family characteristics, human nature, the passage of time and the memories left behind. These are my inspirations.
Working and exhibiting at the Lawrence Batley Theatre has given my work extra dimensions. I gain from sharing the company of both the people who work there and those who are visiting. The varied working areas give me the freedom to further develop my working practices and also meet with other artists. For me the setting is perfect. My work is theatre, the product of my imagination.


Maggie O'Keeffe



Ryoko Akama 

Tells us about her "quiet and small sound installation constructed by found objects around LBT. I think of my performances and sound installation as unfinished (process) inventories of fragments that compose the space: objects, motors, lines, drawings and other inventions. They are improvisational sites in which the constructed and the ready-made are used to question my intentions; concepts and aesthetics. It is a conversation between sound, object and space that I enjoy creating, in which I play with music (where there is) and silence (where there is not). This becomes a continuous process of seeing, listening and experiencing that offers unexpected discoveries that happen in momentum whilst various facts collide, overlap and collaborate in the space. I am interested for the listener and viewer to notice what have always been there but have not been noticed."



Tom Shepherd aka Zwei

Number Zwei is a Huddersfield based graffitti artist inspired by cartoons and wildlife.  Zwei's signature style is taking iconic cartoon characters and manip[ulating their designs to fit his graffitti style.



Vanessa Stewart

Vanessa’s practice is rooted in drawing, exploring formal elements working in a variety of mixed-media. Her visual language is expressive and organic; outcomes are often digitally reinterpreted. The resulting compositions are richly layered, deliberately ambiguous and resonant of natural processes.
Square Roots: HD100 suite is a direct response to the magnificent production by Chol Theatre  last year.  St George’s Square is depicted at different times capturing the rich diversity of our local communities.
Recent work has been inspired by several performances at LBT linked to health and wellbeing, particularly a performance by Beth Vyse.  “Still  Life” as  a question rather than  an observation prompted further exploration of gifting flowers to the unwell: the fragility and ephemeral nature of posies a metaphor for the human condition. Similarly, the tangled bank, with poppies, resonated with these ideas.
Dancers at rest and feet in motion are other works exhibited.



Royds Hall
...... ..... ...... Honley
Arfan Ali       Izzy Norwood
Awa Samanta       Jude Crook
Charlotte Hoyle       Maya Wilson
Emily Wood       Phoebe Borral
Khadijah Hussain       Shana Reed
Millie Gray        
Mollie Bakewell        
Niamh Bull        
Oliver North        
Paulina Dolder        


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Arfan Ali
Awa Samanta
Charlotte Hoyle
Emily Wood
Khadijah Hussain
Millie Gray
Mollie Bakewell
Niamh Bull
Oliver North
Paulina Dolder